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When you reach out to a law firm for help, you never want to be told your case is too complex or too difficult to resolve. You want to feel relief knowing you’re in good hands and that your issue will be resolved by a team that has the experience, compassion and know-how to get things done quickly and effectively. That’s the experience we pride ourselves on here at the Law Offices of Douglas E. Zeit, P.C.

Our team of attorneys have more than 40 years of combined experience, and we use that every day to help people resolve simple and complex criminal and personal injury matters. Over the decades, we have helped numerous clients throughout Illinois, and we are proud of the positive reputation our hard work and dedication has cultivated. With every case we’ve handled, we have made it our priority to offer them the representation and respect they deserve. You can count on us to take the time to develop a custom-tailored strategy for your unique needs in your legal issue.

Our Experience Is Your Advantage

We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of service we offer clients who are facing complicated personal injury, criminal defense and traffic violation needs. We know the outcome of any of these matters can affect you for a long time, which is why our goal is to help you secure the best results possible in your case. Our decades of experience have taught us how to help our clients with their complicated legal matters.

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Experienced Criminal Defense

We know that a single criminal conviction for a DUI, as well as many other offenses, can haunt you for years to come. That’s why we explore possible ways to mitigate your charges and use our negotiation and aggressive litigation skills, always working to reduce, dismiss or have the charges dropped, if possible. If alternative sentencing is reasonable and it is in your interests, we can seek this option as well.

Personal Injury Claims

When filing a personal injury claim, we work to ensure that the compensation you receive accurately reflects the entire cost of your injuries and any future consequences. We negotiate for a settlement that includes all costs, such as current and future medical expenses, lost income, property damage, loss of bodily function, and pain and suffering.

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